Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Costume Progress - Misc

So my hubby has pretty much finished his Gilgamesh Wolfenbach "schmott guy" hat.  The flame effect has required some tweaking.  It was a little unstable so he had to add an insert to help stabilize the flame machine and to add stability for wear.  

The 3D printing of the Agatha's trilobite necklace and clank is finished and the minor bits of painting and sewing that were required are finished.

Dr. Strange's top hat, that my hubby flocked, is finished.  His accent turned out great.

The Lopan hat, also pepikura'd, is finished.  Yarn was glued on to add accent and then the whole hat was resined for strength.

Silver Sable is waiting to be finished because I'm too intimidated to finish right now.  I've got most of it done.  I just have to finished the collar, redo the skirt join, sew the front and back of skirt together, hem, attach the top and bottom and add the zipper.  As I think I've said before, this is the most ambitious sewing project I've ever done.  It's far from professional.  I've had to redo quite a few parts.  Overall, it's Noir, and the accents are definitely Silver Sable.  Even if no one else knows who she is, I'll finally have cosplay as the character I love from the comics.

We've also been asked to make wings for a friends costume.  She's doing the Aviatrix for our Marvel Noir costume day.  The hubby designed them based on the comic and worked a contraption to attach them to the backpack.

We have a few more things to finish overall but mostly we're looking ahead to figuring out how we're going to get this all on the train for the trip to the convention.  We're probably going to have to make our own hat boxes to carry our hats safely.

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