Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Costume Progress - Misc

So my hubby has pretty much finished his Gilgamesh Wolfenbach "schmott guy" hat.  The flame effect has required some tweaking.  It was a little unstable so he had to add an insert to help stabilize the flame machine and to add stability for wear.  

The 3D printing of the Agatha's trilobite necklace and clank is finished and the minor bits of painting and sewing that were required are finished.

Dr. Strange's top hat, that my hubby flocked, is finished.  His accent turned out great.

The Lopan hat, also pepikura'd, is finished.  Yarn was glued on to add accent and then the whole hat was resined for strength.

Silver Sable is waiting to be finished because I'm too intimidated to finish right now.  I've got most of it done.  I just have to finished the collar, redo the skirt join, sew the front and back of skirt together, hem, attach the top and bottom and add the zipper.  As I think I've said before, this is the most ambitious sewing project I've ever done.  It's far from professional.  I've had to redo quite a few parts.  Overall, it's Noir, and the accents are definitely Silver Sable.  Even if no one else knows who she is, I'll finally have cosplay as the character I love from the comics.

We've also been asked to make wings for a friends costume.  She's doing the Aviatrix for our Marvel Noir costume day.  The hubby designed them based on the comic and worked a contraption to attach them to the backpack.

We have a few more things to finish overall but mostly we're looking ahead to figuring out how we're going to get this all on the train for the trip to the convention.  We're probably going to have to make our own hat boxes to carry our hats safely.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Costume Progress - Gracie Law

It's taken me a while to get back to working on the head dress for several reasons.  It was almost done and therefore not a priority on my list of things to do.  I did however complete the head dress and went back and restamped the dress with a sparklier fabric paint because the first fabric paint was much duller and hardly could be seen as gold.

I plan on wearing a red and gold corset to give me shape and to act as the Obi.  If I have time I'd like to partially line the sleeves because the fabric is shedding strings and could use some help.

 So here is is.  3D printed feathers adapted and modeled by my hubby and printed on his favorite toy and then spray painted with glitter paint.  Air dry clay made by hand and painted gold.  Headband.  Piece of felt formed, beads glued on, trim glued on, pearl sewn on.  Side wings hand drawn and painted, bead trim glued on.  Pearls glued on feathers.

Vintaj brass accent baked with gold embossing powder, beads and tassel attached.

Most of it's stuck together with craft or hot glue.  I'm still a little nervous about how things will hold together on a train ride to the con and then a trip to the airport and then regular bumping and heat at a normal convention.

 I'm very happy with how it turned out.  The good news for you is that I won't be costume dumping on Gracie Law anymore.  I do have progress on Agatha and Silver Sable.  I promise the next costume update will be full of other things.

PS.  Putting this thing on is a practice in fearful tension.  You don't want to bump or pull anything off so you gingerly keep trying to hold it in a different place so you have a good grip and don't drop it while trying to get it on your head.  It's quite comical.

After Silver Sable's last costume dump I went back to the drawing board and took on a very ambitious sewing project.  It's driving me to the edge, I'm not going to lie.  I hate not being good at things and I am not good at sewing.  Despite those facts, I think I'll feel so much more true to Silver Sable.  People still won't know who I am but that's okay.

In other news, progress on the Mystery Dinner Party script is progressing.  I've been hitting a wall on the next stage but I have been creating content.  I tend to make my mysteries very complicated...or at least it feels that way to me trying to hold it all in my head.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Costume Progress - Gracie Law Headdress

I have been busy making commercials, participating in G.I.S.H.W.H.E.S and generally being too busy for my brain capacity.  I have however made progress on the head dress that I think it worthy of note.

I drew out the side wings, started gluing on the feathers and generally continued in the trial and error or making.

I made the swan head out of air dry clay.  I had some issues with getting it to keep it''s shape once formed so I used some scrape pieces of paper to hold the curves I wanted it to take.

I then painted it gold with some basic acrylic craft paint.  I took a piece of craft wire and speared the clay and then pined it to the now firm felt and added hot glue to fill in the gaps.

We had to print some more feathers to help fill in the gaps and extend the gold feathers past the aqua marine wings.  

This is the shot from the back and the shot below is from the front.  I know the head form is backwards but because the head form's face tilts, I was having a hard time getting the front centered because of that slant so I just turned it around so I could keep things as centered as possible.  Now the only thing that's left is to glue on some pearl accents onto the feathers and make the dangles that hang from the furthest hanging feathers. 

 My only concern at this point is that the heat of the con may start melting some of  the hot glue and therefore compromise the stability of the feathers and wings.  I'm going to probably supliment some super glue.  The con is always the gauntlet.  I am pleased with the progress thus far and even if I don't complete the accents I have planned I'm pretty sure this is going to stand on its own .  Sure the beads may fall off and the feathers may fall off...I have these pictures and it's beautiful.

I have settled on a pattern that I am happy with for Silver Sable and if I have time I'll make a practice version before I get the final fabric.  I've been struggling mightily with Silver Sable.  I'm not a thin woman and since Silver Sable is one of my childhood loves, I didn't want to be lame....especially since my husband and brother's cosplay for the marvel noir day is pretty awesome.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

costume progress - Big Trouble in Little China Gracie Headdress

So, let's start with the progress on the Big Trouble in Little China Gracie Headdress.   I purchased a piece of blue felt which I then cut into the shape I wanted.  At first I thought a good heavy starch was going to work.  I quickly reevaluated that thought.  So I pulled out some Modge Podge and thought, I'll do double duty and glue the beads on while I'm also shaping the felt in place.....this did not work.  At least the beads were not sticking to the felt with just modge podge.  So I pulled out dimensional modge podge.  This worked better......except that I had already sprayed the felt with starch and painted it with modge podge so ... it was a little soaked by this time.  So While I'm trying to keep the dimensional modge podge from dripping and placing beads and trying to keep them in place, the felt starts dripping a mixture of starch and modge podge down the head form.  Neadless to say this part was a mixture of trial and error but mostly error.  The end result is pretty near perfect however.

I had purchased a peacock glitter head band to act of the base of the head piece.  This seemed like the best way to have an easy to wear and sturdy base.  I cut out some card board using the inside and outside curve of the headband and then covered the front and back in the leftover felt pieces.  I hot glued this on to the head band and painted the inside of the card board.  This is going to act as a support for the feathers.

My husband 3D printed an assortment of sizes.  He free formed  this from a reference image and has been printing me feathers ever since.

I spray painted them with a gold glitter paint.  I'm realizing this is hard to see on my brown table at night.  You'll get a better idea with future pictures.  My first can got some glitter out and then just started spitting clear paint....so I tried to shake and shimmy and pull to make it stop and it wouldn't....so I put the cap back on intending to let it run out of aerosol so I could return it and get a new can.  The lid and the spray button shot off like a gun!!!  Scared me and my husband out of our socks!  Thankfully the second can hasn't blown up.

 So now I have glued on the gold edging and sewn on the pearl.  Once all the glue and starch dried it's holding its shape perfectly by itself.  Next steps will include making the peacock and gluing the feathers in place.  I'll also need to figure out the tasseled dangles.  That will be last looks though so I'm not thinking too hard about that.  My hubby wanted to design a peacock head that was filigreed so he could print it on his 3D printer.  I told him that would look lovely but wouldn't be accurate.  I think he will think of a way to use his new toy no matter what the project.

Monday, July 27, 2015

a good day

Because of my personality, and my physical health, it's rare for me to feel like I've had a day of accomplishment.  A day where I am proud of everything I've gotten done.  Today has been one of those days.  Loaded the dishwasher, did the laundry, started work on the Gracie Law Headdress and made great progress, returned the glitter spray that almost blew up in my face, found a geocache and cleaned Petrie's.  Then I came home and made a well balanced meal.  That definitely doesn't always happen.  In my pursuit to "be of help" I often choose to work on the most immediate request or the most urgent need before I do anything else.  This means my house is usually in a state of disrepair and my poor husband is helping me make dinner.  So days when balance has been achieved, multiple tasks have been accomplished and I have the rest of the evening to have fun or continue working, I feel so blessed.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Costume progress - Silver Sable Noir

So tonight I was working on Silver Sable Noir and trying to gather the supplies I had on hand for Gracie Law's headdress.  I had been getting pieces together that I thought might work and needed to kind of put them together and see if they would work.  I bought a silver clubbing dress and a silver corset along with some silver fabric I planned on making a skirt out of along with the silver wig and pearls I planned on making a necklace with to imitate the white cross shape that is part of silver sables distinct costuming.  I don't know if it's the fact that the necklace and skirt drape were just slap dashed on or if they just slightly not the same shiny silver materials are not working together but I'm feeling good and awful about this look right now.  I'll be getting a seamstress's opinion and I think I'm going to adjust the necklace idea.  

 I'm just glad the "clubbing" dress actually fits well.  It will help me feel more modest if I give the dress a slit and it definitely helps the low bust line of the corset.  I think I'm going to add a white strip just above the corset bust line to help break up the difference in color and to add the cross portion of white "T" I referred to before.  I know what you might say, what's Noir about it.....I think a proper skirt will help and a few things to tie it all together better.

I also took the next step for the print stamping I did for Gracie Law's wedding dress.  I'll need to wait to cold wash it in a couple days then I can start working on the sleeves and the collar in earnest.
I also revisited the plan for the head dress and am feeling much better about where to go next.  My hubby is 3D printing the feathers I need for the back of the headdress and then I'll paint them and add the embellishments.  I picked up a peacock blue sparkly headband to use as the base of the head dress and pulled out the beads I had that would work for  the front widows peak and the pearl embellishments.  I still need to grab some air dry clay to make the peacock head.
 I almost forgot.  I made a caplet for the Hubby's Dr. Strange Noir.  We already had a perfect tux with tails.  He also decided he was going to make himself a top hat since they are very expensive.  He pepakura'd the hat and worked on fiber glassing it for strength tonight.  He'll paint and flock it once that's done to give it a suede/felt/wool look and voila!  A lovely top hat for $20.  He's also going to make himself a collar because lets face it, you can't have a Dr. Strange without at least a moderately pointy collar.

All in all I feel like I'm at about 50% on costumes.  I have base pieces and a plan for almost everything.  Don't get me wrong, I have a long list of things to finish, but we're getting there.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Costume Progress - Gilgamesh Hat, Gracie Dress, Agatha Vest

I suggested to my husband that Gilgamesh Wolfenbach would look awesome in his Schmott guy hat so he's been working on that.  He modified a faux flame machine to fit in the hat he designed and made with Pepakura.  He's going to resin the hat and then paint it next along with adding spikes in the appropriate places.

I was working on Agatha Heterodyne's vest.  I found the perfect vest but it was too small and so I split it up the back and added a sheer panel that I button holed so I could tie it together.  Then I added strands of Tshirt yarn to mirror the ribbon effect from the front of the vest and to keep the general feel of the flow of the garment.  

I also found the things I needed to stamp my princess bride dress to convert it into Gracie Law's wedding dress.  I still have a few more steps to do to make the paint permanent on the dress.  The gold ends up being a little darker than I had hoped but it does sparkle so perhaps it will catch the light.  I still need to adjust the collar and the sleeves.  

I also got the silver corset in the mail which looks pretty but is much flimsier than I anticipated.  I may have to change plans or double corset.  It also sits much lower than I was thinking on my chest.  It seems it is just meant for lingerie and not as a outward wearable corset.  I was going to modify it anyway so ... it will work for now.  I also got my silver wig, which they sealed into the envelope without clearing the hair so I had to yank some of the hair off the sticky parts.  The color is perfect but I don't think I'll be able to style it into a 30's 40's hairstyle.  John has also designed several prop pieces to print out on the 3d printer so we're in a pretty good place.