Monday, November 3, 2014

creativity abounds

I currently have a lot of opportunities to be creative.  Crossfire has stretched me into blogging, news articles, promotional poster design, video editing and social media marketing.  Petrie's has allowed me to practice social media marketing, video editing and directing, event planning and creative writing.  El Paso County Jail has grown my familial dispute negotiation skills, respect for rules and elders and being mindful of what I say and how I say it.  All of these things have opened the door for me to walk into NANOWRIMO with another murder mystery to write/plan for New Years and a month to get the grunt work done before things will become entirely too busy to be creative.  My volunteer opportunities have also given me enough pause this year to try a different way of approaching it.  I'm a narrative kind of girl and I love reading.  I'm all about the story.  Murder mysteries are a different beast.  You need to have a plan and an idea of the outline and clues you're trying to reveal before you start working on story in anything but the broadest strokes.  So I'm going to try and do things differently this time.  Plus, I have the added benefit of not doing it alone.  It's so much more fun to bounce ideas off other poeple.  It's also so much better to be able to recognize your strengths and the strengths of another person and be able to create a work that uses both peoples strengths.
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  1. I envy you all of your opportunities, kind of. I know I have my own opportunities here, but the grass is always greener somewhere else, when you hear what someone else is doing it always sounds cooler than what you are doing. Speaking of which, when do you want that "looks like two things from two different angles" picture?