Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Too soon or too late

Today is my second MRI.
I'm less concerned about a thing in my brain than I am about the fact that my headaches have gotten worse.  I realize the neurologist freaked out to find something they didn't expect but I came to him in the first place because of my headaches and he seems  to have forgotten about that.

Life moves ever onward and I have so much to do.  Marketing for the holidays, decorating, gathering crafts, cleaning and writing.

As far as diet....I'm still fat.  I know, shocker.  I'm working on a new plan that I'm very skeptical about but I think I'm skeptical about all diet plans/supplement miracles.  I'm trying isogenix next.  If I'm going to fit into either costume for SLC (salt lake comic con) next year I've got to find something that's going to work for me and figure out how to prioritize my life appropriately.

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  1. I do SO love Agatha's outfits. Keep me up to date (duh)!
    You know, I think I never realized this, but the difference between "some Con" and "Comic Con" is, if I was going to "generic Con" in a Steampunk kind of outfit, that would be (and has been) cool. But if I was going to Comic Con, people at that series of cons seem to specifically expect you to be cosplaying an actual media character and not "look at my unique but non-branded Steampunk outfit."