Monday, July 20, 2015

Costume Progress - Gilgamesh Hat, Gracie Dress, Agatha Vest

I suggested to my husband that Gilgamesh Wolfenbach would look awesome in his Schmott guy hat so he's been working on that.  He modified a faux flame machine to fit in the hat he designed and made with Pepakura.  He's going to resin the hat and then paint it next along with adding spikes in the appropriate places.

I was working on Agatha Heterodyne's vest.  I found the perfect vest but it was too small and so I split it up the back and added a sheer panel that I button holed so I could tie it together.  Then I added strands of Tshirt yarn to mirror the ribbon effect from the front of the vest and to keep the general feel of the flow of the garment.  

I also found the things I needed to stamp my princess bride dress to convert it into Gracie Law's wedding dress.  I still have a few more steps to do to make the paint permanent on the dress.  The gold ends up being a little darker than I had hoped but it does sparkle so perhaps it will catch the light.  I still need to adjust the collar and the sleeves.  

I also got the silver corset in the mail which looks pretty but is much flimsier than I anticipated.  I may have to change plans or double corset.  It also sits much lower than I was thinking on my chest.  It seems it is just meant for lingerie and not as a outward wearable corset.  I was going to modify it anyway so ... it will work for now.  I also got my silver wig, which they sealed into the envelope without clearing the hair so I had to yank some of the hair off the sticky parts.  The color is perfect but I don't think I'll be able to style it into a 30's 40's hairstyle.  John has also designed several prop pieces to print out on the 3d printer so we're in a pretty good place.

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