Monday, June 1, 2015

It's been a while

This tends to happen with me.  I like the idea of blogging but I very rarely have that much time to spend on something that feels like a guilty pleasure.  I've got things to do.  In fact I'm a little surprised at myself for sitting down to do this but I've been contemplative today and so here I am.

So here's the what's been going on...

  • The Game store where I volunteer moved at the beginning of the year 
  • We went on Vacation to Disney World.  I painted my magic band. 
  • Helped plan and man a Convention 
  • And have been on a geocaching streak trying to get at least one cache a day.
I'm just now getting to the point where I'm catching up on marketing for Crossfire and Petrie's for the year and I've agreed to write another murder mystery.  Or at least write in part.  This time I've got a team and that's exciting!  I thought I was going to be doing a straight story line but apparently my brain doesn't work like that.  I have to think of a unique way to do it.  Maybe because it's human to innovate or maybe because I've participated in at least one murder mystery a year if not more and I want to have a unique experience.  

I've also been thinking for a long time that I want to move.  We live in a two story, four bedroom house and without kids it's silly to stay here.  It's not bad, it's just not ideal.  We paid it off at the end of last year and I keep thinking that means its a perfect time to sell and get a house that will suit us better.  Friends have told us that it's a sellers market right now but by the end of the year that's going to turn on its head.  All of this is tempered by the fact that my husband will always be a status quo kind of guy.  If somethings fine, it's fine so why change.  He's not wrong.  But in the back of my mind I keep hearing a voice, behind the much louder voice saying this house doesn't work for us, saying is this a place John could live by himself when I die.  My inclination will always be to make a snap decision and rush to get the tasks done.  That's why my husband is my perfect mate because he is a considerate, long thinker.  It requires me to be patient as I wait for him to ponder, which has kept me from making the wrong decision so often in our marriage.  It also means I know for sure when something on my mind is important to me and when it's just a passing whim.  Could I live in this house indefinitely, yes.  Do I want to?  No.  So I'm going to pray about it.

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