Thursday, September 25, 2014

I'm crazy on meds

Sometimes having a good excuse only lasts so long.  It's been awful but funny to have a legitimate thing I could point to for people to understand what's going on with me.  Luckily, that's hopefully over.  I got permission from my Doc to stop taking it.  I was rather crazy sounding over the phone and I wasn't just trying to make a point.  He did ask me if I was going to hurt myself and I was able to say with some certainty that I knew it was the medicine making me crazy and could separate those those.  I had one of the most grateful prayer sessions I've had in a while last night.  The Doc want's me to take a couple day break and then start on a new med that's supposed to have the common side effect of making me lethargic.  I laughed out loud at him.  I told him I was lethargic now.  I am realizing that that may have been arrogant and I may have just tempted whatever has asked permission to play with me right now to see how far it can push me.  I've decided not to be afraid.  I've also decided not to start in a couple days.  I'm gonna wait a couple weeks.  I need my brain and my body to be functioning at least at limp along speed for the next couple of weeks so no reason to start throwing things in the mix.

zombie cat is healing but she's gonna need a couple more weeks in isolation and the cone of shame. The poor darling is lonely but apparently she's also extra friendly and hungry because she's high on the pain meds the vet gave her.  This makes so much more sense now.

I love editing...other peoples stuff.  Editing your own stuff is annoying.  Especially when your brain isn't working.

Shortly, I'm gonna talk about being a minion and about volunteering cause I have thoughts about those things.  Thoughts about people besides myself.  This isn't a contest, don't take that the wrong way.  I'm crazy on meds.

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