Monday, July 6, 2015

Last week was pretty awesome and rotten

As life tends to go, this last week was full of ups and downs.  We started by having a geocaching adventure with thedisneybugs.

 We did something like 22 caches in the DPL series which is in every library in Denver and requires some easy and some challenging finds.  We got a special geocoin just for completing the series which was amazing fun!  Every library had something fun to do it in.  One had a plane cockpit you could play of course the boys did.

I made them do a victory dance heheh

I had a super full week. We went to the jail for library duties, had some additions to the schedule with birthdays and 4th of July stuff.  And that's when things took the roller coaster plummet.  Our cat escaped the house, we still can't figure out how.  Then a friend informed us they had lost a loved one.  Death is hard.  It's awful when its close, it's heart breaking just being near by.  No one knows what to say.  I keep waffling between being sad this person is gone and wanting to love the people who are left behind with out overwhelming them.  I know I'd want to hide in my house so no one would bother me but I've heard that many people back away from people who have suffered a loss like this because they don't know what to say and figure the person wants to be left alone when the person just needs a friend.  

Then sucker punched in the face by a sinus infection.  Fever, cough, so much achy sinus pressurey aweful.  Then I burned my hand on the stove.

This week is starting with recovery.  I dislike recovery no matter how necessary it is.  I hate knowing I have all kinds of stuff to do and that I am instead going to cradle a cup of orange juice and a tissue box.  Yes, tissue for the sinus infection but also because I'm going to be thinking of my friends and their loss and wishing I could tell them how much I love them in just the right way.


  1. I love you too. WOW that sounds like an amazing geocaching event! I'm so sorry for your loss. I have been praying for you and your friend. Summer sinus infection sounds dreadful. Get well soon.

    1. It really was an amazing series. They got permission from all the Denver libraries and each was a different style of cache so we did wherigos and puzzles and searches. They were all themed after different books too. There were 26 in the series and we went to 22 libraries on this day to finish them up so we could win a special gold coin for being some of the first cachers to finish it.
      I'm pretty sure I have bronchitis and a sinus infection but I went to the dr. today so hopefully I won't be hacking at the funeral tomorrow.