Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Costume Dump - SLC Comic Con plan

Gracie Law & Lo Pan

red dress with red and gold obi
I have the princess bride dress that could be modified by removing the cuff, cutting a new neckline and maybe stamping with gold fabric paint with an asian stamp
then all I would need is the obi, edging or just use the same corset I wore with the red dress last year
green contacts ordered

hide regular shoes under long hem to stay comfortable
Need asian robe -  watchlisted several on ebay
will need red sash
hubby will need to build headdress (attach stringy long black hair to headdress or wear wig or forget it?)
gold long fingernail/talon

will need makeup for both.  
This is  the challenging bit.  I found a picture of someones handmade version.  She used the air dry paper clay to make the peacock head which looks easy.  The problem I'm having is how you design the form to the head.  I'm thinking about using one of my 1940's hats as the base or a headband which should keep things in place. I did find someone else's blog where they are recreating the looks and showing good step by step.  

Agatha Heterodyne and Gilgamesh Wolfenback or jagermonster

red or brown corset
black vest 
black pants with red stripe
apron with tools
trilobite necklace and knee pads
work gloves
round glasses
blonde wig

 Depending on which Gilgamesh look we go for...
brown fishing style vest with lots of pockets and tool holds
dirty white shirt
brown pants

or jagermonster with face hair has green hat with yellow plume brown army jacket with sash but john likes the idea of a horn so that would be flesh tone jager with pillbox hat and fur lined collar jacket and vest
doing the Schmot Guy hat on gil would be epic

Silver Sable Noir




Silver Sable Noir is going to be less flattering in general.  I can order a silver corset to help shape underneath.  Plus one of the two dresses.
I plan on making or finding a pearl chocker that I can string pearls from to make the white cross that is silver sable.   Could also do the body jewlry and have it go all the way around harness style
 Making the Shirken shapes to add to the waist line and
 a silver painted hand gun to go in the purse. 
Silver wig has been ordered.
Silver gloves? or braclet?

Dr. Strange Noir

We have a grey tux and tails  that may work
modify red cape
top hat
yellow/gold cravat

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