Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It's Wednesday again

Does anyone else wonder why time goes by so quickly?  I know they do.  I do.  I'm a little shocked my weeks have continued to be so full.  Adding more projects, more time with friends.  I don't regret the living I've done recently but I am tired and need to get to work.

My friends and family have been a little annoyed with me.  My personal way of dealing with death is to try and prepare my spouse for it by reminding him so he'll get used to the idea.  My husband is a caring and gentle soul and this causes him distress.  He doesn't want to talk about it.  With the introduction of something in my brain (See blog post "Something on my mind") I have renewed my efforts to get him "used" to the idea by talking about death.  I made him cry.  My grandmother, after giving me the hairy eyeball for doing this to my husband, gave me some good advice.  She didn't want to talk with my Grandpa about dying when he got cancer.  My friends also echoed the advice when they told me just to tell him every day that I love him.  Don't talk about death to prepare him, just talk of love so he'll remember.

Diet.  I was very naughty yesterday.  I have not stepped on the scale yet.  Witness live (figuratively) as I step on it now...ugh.  205.  I am failing to make diet a priority.  Neither am I making it a priority to eat.  Must get back to that as soon as I'm finished with the 10 projects I need to finish this week.

I wish I knew more video editors.  Someone to walk me through the tips and tricks and the best ways to do stuff.  I should take a class  but I keep telling myself this is not my skill set.  Why am I trying to do it?  And then the answer floats back to me. ....because no one else will.

If you haven't heard of CCI then you should.  Some people wonder what inmates do all day.  Some of  them work.  They work on raising animals or farming or making things.  They CCI sells them to help fund the work programs and to pay the inmate a wage.  I'm going to pick up 50 lbs of tomatoes this week so I can make pasta sauce.  I make great pasta sauce and I can't wait to have enough to last me all winter!  I love canning but when there's only two people it's hard to justify making a lot of canned goods.  CCI can't advertise for a couple of good reasons and so they rely on word of mouth.  So here's my word of mouth.  Consider supporting them.

I have got to stop filling up my time or I'm not going to get some things done that need to get done and off my plate.  I'm off to Crossfire today and I'm happy to give them the full day this time.

I'll stop by and get my next MRI scheduled because it's on the way to and from Crossfire.  Haven't heard from the Neurosurgeon yet but I didn't figured they wouldn't move quickly.

I had a fun, full weekend.  We did a lot of fun geocaching and had lots of friend time.  We went to Denver Monday and got to eat at a great restaurant that I wish we had in the Springs!

True Food

They cooked out in the open for everyone to see and it was delicious!  They based the restaurant on Dr. Weil's Anti-Inflammatory diet which is just what I need.  It was all fresh, local and organic.  I'm going back as soon as I can get John up to Denver because..Yum!

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