Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Today I'm volunteering at two of the three major places I volunteer.  Tomorrow I'll be volunteering at two of the three major places I volunteer but only one will be the same.  A little word problem to start your day.

The truth is on any given week I may volunteer at up to three places.  Some of them require working from home as well.  When everything's going well it's no problem.  When I add major projects on top of that, or get too back logged, that's when it becomes a problem.  It's hard for me to anticipate when it's going to be too much because it isn't all the time.  And the need is great and I have a hard time walking away from that reality.

This is the depth of a minion's mind.  I love being a minion and while minioning at three separate places can be draining and exhausting, which one do I leave?  Without thinking of the guilt and without the arrogant thoughts of "what will they do without me" I think I know which one needs to drop and I'm a little terrified.  Can I overcome the guilt of walking away?  Can I leave them bereft of anyone that knows how to operate a computer? I don't know.  If I don't do it I have a feeling God will and He doesn't always treat me gently in the process when I haven't obeyed.

As far as the diet...I haven't weighted myself today but I know I haven't had any sugar accept fruit and I haven't had any soda.  We've cut down processed foods to a very small percentage.  Now I just  need to add the exercise back in and we should be good.  I just have to have a day where I'm not double booked and I haven't had one of those in a while.

As far as the ninja I stealthy, am I stealthy?  Guess I still need practice.  

In all seriousness, today I start my list.  If you need to be on the prayer list, let me know.  

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