Friday, October 31, 2014

Running out of time

My Bell preserving book has seen some battle over the years.  It's been stained and burned and torn.  I was able to get 25 lbs of tomatoes from CCI so I could make tomato sauce.  Because I was short on time this week I found by accident the process I think I'm going to use from now on.  I was able to reduce the sauce by adding to the crock pot when I came home from tasks until the 21qt stock pot was empty and the crock pot was full.  Now I just need to find the time to can it.

I have to admit I'm tired.  Just...weary.  I'm not certain if its the medicine or not.  I have had a couple late nights so it's hard to tell if it's my body actually telling me something or it's being influenced by medication.

Our zombie cat won't eat any of the special food we put out just for her.  She is painfully thin.  She's always been a picky eater but the zombie plague seems to have set some things in motion with her body that are concerning.  We are struggling with the decision to spend money to do tests and x-rays and blood work versus the fact that she's 17 turning 18 and maybe she's just getting ready to die.

The neurosurgeon, thankfully, doesn't want to do a biopsy and so we're just going to monitor my "worry wart".

I'm a blunt person.  I'm also a fixer.  I have the impression that those are masculine traits but who knows.  Still, when I hear a problem, I first think about how I can help fix it or how the discomfort or sorrow can be mitigated.  It takes some effort to just listen.
I'm more like my mother in my bluntness.  I'd rather just go ahead and ask someone or tell someone the problem or issue.  My dad would be shuddering with discomfort at the very thought of directly telling someone that you have a problem with them.  He's very much a "don't rock the boat" kind of person.

So tonight is my friends Haunted House.  I'm heading over there in a couple of hours to start makeup and help finish up whatever needs to happen before the trick or treaters come.  I have too many friends that love this holiday not to participate in my own way.  I think of it like a theater production.  I'm just working a stage.  I may need to allow myself some laziness today so I can make it through another late night though.

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