Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Where are the warriors

I love helping people.  I have discovered this year that it really is my spiritual gifting.  I've struggled for years trying to figure out from the never ending "spiritual gift" surveys, that every church as made me fill out, to answer and agree with what the survey says.  I used to test out as mercy or administration...I never could figure out where administration was in the Bible.  It comes down to my greatest strength, and greatest weakness, are in wanting so badly to help people get through whatever they are struggling with.  I will fill any role if I'm needed and will be happy to do it, for a little while.  I was never meant to be a permanent solution in so many of the cases where I help.  But there's no one else to take my place and so I become more and more drained by being in a place I was never meant to occupy but merely to hold for a short while.

This is the heart and soul of my passion right now.  Where are the people?  Where are the prayer warriors?  Where is the help?

I know people are busy.  I get it.  Most people have kids or jobs or jobs and kids.  I'm in the unique position of not having either.

Here's the problem.  Charities are full of people past retirement age.  People that have limited physical ability and limited knowledge of technology.  They need help so desperately that the need can be overwhelming.

I've had to have a friend remind me in the past few weeks that charities will always need help, need more people and that I can't feel responsible for it all.  It's a hard thing to do.  Of course they keep asking me to do more...Who else is going to do it?  I'm sure I'll talk more in detail in a later blog about standing firm in the limits of what you can do where you volunteer.  I'm still working on it but I have managed to maintain some boundaries.

What I really wanted to talk about today was prayer.  Prayer warriors are such a quiet and un-talked about part of ministry.  They are vital and necessary and they require an incredible amount of discipline to maintain their skills as a warrior.  How do you know who they are?  Maybe they're like prayer ninja's instead of warriors.  I ask because I'm not good about prayer.  I'll remember people before the Lord when he brings them to mind or when I learn of a need but I'm not a disciplined, daily, before the Lord on my knees, with my list of other peoples needs, kind of girl.  I want to be.  Who doesn't want to be a prayer warrior?!  But apathy is a mighty enemy and the extra attention from the spiritual warfare department can get uncomfortable even if you are disciplined enough to be a prayer warrior.  I say apathy but it's not an active uncaring.  It's a lack of focus on prayer.  People tend to forget unless they have an issue to bring before the Lord.  I know I start to wonder what to say on a daily basis.  So who stands in the gap?  Who are these unseen, absolutely vital, prayer warriors?  How do you become one?  I need some prayer warrior mentoring!  How do you begin?  Do you start by mentally putting on the armor of faith? Do you study God's word?  Do you have a list?  I'm sure everyone does it different?
I know this is just another thing I'm asking for accountability for but I want to maintain this journey.  This one's more important than weight.

So let's start this with a challenge then... Who do you include in your prayer time?  Do you pray for the leadership of our country?  Leadership of your church?  Leadership of your charity?  Leadership of your favorite stores?  Let's do that!  Elections are kind of here at least on a local level if the political ads or calls are any indication.  Let's pray for them!  The places you frequent...Pray for those places.  The places you go out of need and the places you go out of choice, pray for them.  Let's train up some WARRIORS!  or ninjas...you can be a prayer ninja.

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